ROSE Buds/Petals RED

ROSE Buds/Petals RED

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High Vit. C, which helps body absorb iron. High in antioxidants, diuretic, fights infections, clears toxins and heat from the body.

  Vitamin C boosts the immune system, promotes healthy skin and bones and helps the body absorb iron. Rose petal tea is high in other antioxidants called catechin polyphenols, particularly epigallocatechin gallate, known as EGCG.

The reasons for the diuretic effects of the roses are they contain Vitamin C, pectin,"malic and citric acids.” and clears toxins & heat from the body. .Rose tea helps to fight infection in the digestive tract and re-establish the normal bacterial population of the intestines.


How to make the tea:

  1. Use 2 TBS of dried rose buds/petals per cup of water
  2. Add boiling water and steep for 20 minutes - the longer the steep, the more beneficial the effects of the tea. (for pleasure tea, steep 8-10 min.)
  3. Flavor with honey and thoroughly enjoy this delightful tea.
  4. For a different, but amazing added flavor, add Organic CHAI Tea blend, about 1/2 the Chai as Rose petals.  The Chai only needs a steep time of 4-6 minutes though.  Perhaps steeping separately may work best.  Enjoy.

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