(Muslin) Re-Usable Tea Bags for brewing herbs

(Muslin) Re-Usable Tea Bags for brewing herbs

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!! Ideal solution for making your herb tea !!

 We have 2 sizes of pure Muslin re-usable Bags you can use for making one or two cups of tea or a pot full, 4x6", or the large size muslin to 'make your own' bath blend bags', 6x8":, for body or foot soaking.  (Sorry, 3x5" now sold out)

Bath blends also used by many women before and after childbirth.  Speak to a responsible 'Dula' for some herb recipes to help with this.

  (Have a cat?  the 4"x6" size makes great catnip toys!)

Simply rinse under hot water to clean, let dry and use over & over. (Hint - turn inside out before adding herbs, so they don't stick to seams, making emptying & rinsing much easier.