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Don Quai used to maintain normal reproductive functioning. Helps regulate menstrual flow, fights fatigue, mild anemia & high blood pressure.  Benefiitial to entire female hormonal system


Hysterectomy-Related Problems



Menopause-Related Problems

Muscle Cramps

Premenstrual Syndrome



Dong Quai Herbal Tea - Better Sexual Health to Women

Chinese herb Dong Quai is considered as a vital female herb that is good for not only sexual health and general health as well and has been in use for so many years now. The best way to consume dong quai to aid your health is by drinking dong quai tea. Below are the numerous benefits of this wonderful herb.

Nutritional Components

Dong Quai holds countless nutrients and it is known to have great concentration of Vitamin A, Vitamins B-complex, B3, B12, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It is also rich in minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, resin, selenium, silicon and tannins. If you drink Dong Quai tea, you gain all of these benifits.  When it comes to peak sexual health, women need to have the proper hormonal balance and blood circulation around the genital area. Anxiety, fatigue and mental stress can cause sexual cravings or desires to plunge.

It’s only in the recent years that the significance of estrogen to women’s sex desire has been tested. A woman with low levels of estrogen tends to have a lack of arousal, desire and other issues that may result in painful intercourse. In order for a woman to maintain a healthy sex life, it has been established that the levels of estrogen must be balance.   When people get aroused their heart beats quicker and blood is pushed through the genitals. Consuming Dong Quai herbal tea can assists in such activities.

Combining Dong Quai with other Chinese Herbs

There are a lot of herbal remedies in traditional chinese medicine to treat ailments, Dong Quai being one of them. One herb healing each ailment can also be impossible. Although Dong Quai is an exceptional herb in promoting better sexual health, it can give greater results when combined with other Chinese herbs such as damiana and horny goat weed. If you want best results, you should drink Dong Quai tea though you can find it in other forms like pills and supplement powder.  In herbal medicine, the primary use of dong quai is as a uterine tonic, reducing menstrual pain and reducing disagreeable symptoms of menopause. Dong quai does not stimulate the production of estrogen. The herb is used in tonics for both sexes to relieve pain caused by neuralgia, poor circulation, and arthritis.   Precautions:  Avoid when there is diarrhea with flatuence. Not to be used while pregnant, breast feeding, or if you are on blood thinning medications.   


Major Benefits of Dong Quai:     Below are the major benefits of Dong Quai Chinese herbs:   1.  Blood Tonic   - Dong Quai is frequently identified as a blood tonic. It functions by stimulating, harmonizing and strengthening the blood and facilitating it to surge to all the body’s extremities. Some indications that can be linked with blood deficit are discomfort or pain in the abdomen, menstrual disorder, blurred vision, palpitations, pallid skin and tinnitus. Strong vigorous blood flow is the secret to improve libido.   .2.  Fighting against menopause and PMS   -  Chinese herbs like Dong Quai have calcium and zinc that are normally scarce in women afflicted with PMS. Also, the herb helps to control hormonal balance. Dong Quai is a herb used in traditional chinese medicine. It helps lessen the symptoms of PMS and menopause and helps with menstrual pains. Dong Quai also balances the activity of estrogen inside the body. To be brief, it works as an overall tonic for the entire reproductive system in women.    3.  The Liver   - It functions to remover toxins from the liver. Also, it encourages vigorous function inside the organ itself. You may also want to consider using Cordyceps.  



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