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Chaparral is used for Digestive cramps & gas, colds & infections, chronic skin disorders, arthritis, urinary tract infections, nervous system conditions, sexually transmitted diseases, chickenpox, parasite infections, snakebite pain, or as a tonic or blood purifier, however, taking too long or too much can cause kidney and liver damage, so educate yourself about safe amounts to take.

Please Note:  The c/s leaf we carry is grown in Mexico and has a strong creosote odor, whereas, the powder is a different Genre, (tridentata, not mexicana) grown in the USA, and has little odor to it.

Chaparral is used for digestion problems including cramps and gas; respiratory tract conditions including colds and infections; and ongoing chronic skin disorders. It is also used for cancer, arthritis, tuberculosis, urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, central nervous system conditions, chickenpox, parasite infections, obesity, and snakebite pain. Some people use chaparral for detoxification, or as a tonic or “blood purifier.

There may be some dangers using this product, so please read further information on the link below, and check out Interactions and Side Effects.




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