CATNIP HERB (great for kitty too!)

CATNIP HERB (great for kitty too!)

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Catnip is used for trouble sleeping (insomnia); anxiety; migraine and other headaches; cold and other upper respiratory infections; flu; swine flu; fever; hives; worms; and gastrointestinal (GI) upset, including indigestion, colic, cramping, and gas (flatulence). It is also used as a tonic, for increasing urination, and for starting menstrual periods in girls with delayed onset of menstruation.

Wonderfully potent!

Don't forget that CAT'S LOVE it too!  The muslin re-usable bag with tie string, turn it into a fantastic toy.  See below for ordering.

Some people apply catnip directly to the skin for arthritis, hemorrhoids, and as a compress to relieve swelling.

Some people also smoke catnip medicinally for respiratory conditions and recreation-ally for a “high.”

In manufacturing, catnip is used as a pesticide and insecticide.




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