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 Apple Trees precisely mixed 'Burdock Blend' Organic Tea

is as the original 4-herb combination Rene' Caisse used, based on the Ojibwa Native recipe she obtained (as attested to in an affidavit by long time close friend and fellow worker, Mary McPherson), containing Certified Organic Burdock root, Slippery Elm inner bark, Sheep Sorrel herb (not roots), & 'Turkish' * Rhubarb root. 

(This blend does not include Sheep Sorrel roots as they are unobtainable to purchase).  This blend as is, has been sold by Apple Tree for over 27 years and has proven to be very effective.  Thus, do not be too quick to believe the 'claims' by some 'sellers' online information, that the Tea is ineffective 'without' the roots.  This simply is not true, as I can personally attest to, along with hundreds of other users over the years

As I've had no success sourcing a supplier for the Sheep Sorrel roots, the recipe will remain as is.  It logically seems probable the teas abilities would be realized more quickly using the roots also, but to what degree, I have no way of knowing.  I only know it works wonderfully well as is, for numerous conditions.


Please note that it's more cost effective to purchase this tea by the lb. (454g) (makes 8: 2 oz. batches) or by the 1/2 lb. (makes 4: 2oz. batches). For me to have to label many small bags then weigh the tea into 2 oz (58g) pkgs. is time consuming and expensive, as I have to hire someone to do all of that.  Hence the added cost for purchasing 2 oz pkgs.

 One - 2oz batch of Tea, when brewed and strained gives you a little less than 2 quarts.


 If you own a small digital scale, you easily can weigh out a 2 oz. (58g) batch from the pound, or 1/2 lb. yourself.  If you don't own a scale, see below for using a dry measuring cup.

Instructions for making the tea always refers to a batch as being 58g (2 oz.)  If you don't have a digital scale, Canadian Tire frequently has them on sale for around $12.00, and you can choose to measure by either oz. or grams.  Don't forget to 'zero' out the weight of the container you're measuring in, before adding the powdered tea, so as to have an accurate weight for each batch. - OR (If you don't have a weigh scale, and are using the c/s blend, measure 1/2 cup leveled, then remove 1 'heaping' Table-spoon full, and you'll be spot on.)

(NOTE: a lb is 454 grams, and 8 x 58g (2 oz) = 456g.  Each pound is actually weighed out to 460g, so you can easily get 8 batches from it.)


         1 lb of Burdock Blend Org. will give you 8 (2 oz) 58g batches,

-- and 4 batches in a 1/2 lb. (If you don't have a weigh scale, and

are using the c/s blend, measure 1/2 cup leveled, then remove 1

heaping Table-spoon full, and you'll be spot on.)



IMPORTANT INFORMATION to read below, if you're considering

taking The Burdock Blend  (a replica of Rene Caisse's Tea)

There are 5 document to read, and well worth taking in the knowledge, before deciding to take this, to see if it's right for you.  There are do's and don't s to consider, and a copy of each print out will accompany your first order of this tea.  The Life Story of Rene' Caisse booklet will be sent with your order also.
Please consider the information here, before concluding to start using this blend of herbs, more commonly known as 'CAISSE spelled backwards'.
  For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug AdministrationDisclaimer: Apple Tree makes no medical claims that the herbs, herbal products or suggested uses on this website are intended to diagnose, prevent, cure or treat any health problem or disease. Content herein is provided for informational purposes only.  Please do further research on your own.