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Blue Vervain is taken for Respiratory disorders, nervous system, depression, anti-parasitic activity, menstrual disorders, arthritis, pain from kidney stones, stimulate breast milk production.

  The organic compounds present in blue vervain can numb certain areas and stop pain from registering in those nerves, thereby giving you some relief. The anti-inflammatory properties of the herb are the perfect complement to this pain relief, as it will also reduce swelling and inflammation, such as in cases of gout, arthritis, or inflammation in the gastrointestinal system.

 Breastfeeding Mothers: Some women struggle to produce enough milk for their baby, and this is completely natural in many cases. However, blue vervain can help to stimulate the production of milk in the breast, ensuring that your baby has all of the nutrients it needs in that crucial period of growth.

 A Final Word of Warning: There are not many reports of negative side effects from blue vervain or verbena supplements, but upset stomachs occasionally occur. Also, when used in larger concentrations, such as in medicinal supplements, mild skin rashes may also appear. As with any herbal remedy, it can interact with certain medications and other treatments, so it is always wise to speak with a trained medical professional before adding it to your regular health regimen.




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