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        TEA making ACCESSORIES,

+ Organza Sachet bags  


 Unbleached 'Muslin' RE-USABLE Tea Bags

These make ideal tea infusers for bulky loose herbs.

When done making your cup or pot of tea, turn inside out, empty and rinse with hot water to clean.  Not only good for tea, but also great with catnip for your favorite feline!

 Let dry, and use these over and over.



      Comes in 2 sizes:

    4" x 6" -holds 3-6 tsp.    $ .60 ea.  
   6" x 8"- Large Bath Size $ .80 ea
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 'PRESS N BREW'  (make your own) TEA BAGS

 Press N Brew  are white tea bags you fill yourself with one herb or a blend, seal the open side and you have your own tea bags to brew, with nothing but pure herbs, and no fillers!   The bags are produced using Hydrogen Peroxide, & are Oxygen whitened, without the use of bleach or other chemicals.

About the tea paper:

 The tea filter paper is the same tea paper used by the largest tea companies in the United States. In fact there are really only two major suppliers of tea filter paper in the world. The tea paper is made of a special blend of thermoplastic fibers, abaca, & cellulosic fibers. This tissues has a high wet strength with neutral odor and flavor characteristics making it a highly acceptable media for bagging tea.

 These classic "PRESS 'N BREW' tea bags have proven to be both useful & indispensible for all your tea brewing needs. A fun and economical way to create your own herbal beverages.- no fillers! (other suggestions below)

Simply fill your bag with material of choice & iron shut  the 1 open end.

 PRESS N BREW'  TEA BAGS  - BUY YOUR FAVORITE 'BULK HERBS' and fill your own tea bags, with one or a combination of herbs. Leave about half an inch between the open end of the bag & the herbs inside. Seal the open end with a low heat iron or a hot curling iron, & press to seal the open end of bag. You're good to brew!  Also the larger size is great for containing herbal 'bath' and 'foot' soak ingredients.




Also ideal for 'bath' ingredients, potpourri, Lavender sachets, or for dryer or drawer.


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Organza Sachet mesh bags with satin ties.(for Lavender & Potpourri)  3" x 4"  -- colors are pale Mauve only.  

1 Bag @ .50 each;   Pkg.  6  @  $ 2.75;   Pkg. 12  @  $ 5.25 

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