Burdock Blend Tea & Cancer

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CANCER and 'Rene Caisse's famous essiac TEA'  - is it a Cancer Killer?

Just a short scroll down and you'll find information about the well documented   "Cancer Killing claims" of -  Rene Caisse's Ojibwa Formula Tea', also well know as Essiac tea, & the story of this self-sacrificing Registered Nurse from Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada, who made it famous from the 1920's - up to her death in the late 1970's and beyond, right up to our present day.  Rene' Caisse, was the Nurse who treated & cured hundreds of Cancer patients (at no charge) using a '4 HERB Blend' Tea, (an Ojibwa Indian formula), which is now world renowned. .   

Rene's life story, as given through the pages of the green printed booklet shown below, can be ordered with your tea. It's fascinating!  

  ALL DOCUMENTS to read are found 3/4 of the way down the page accented in bright red.   Click there and it will take you to where you can open and read these documents.  In order to go back to see the next document, use your 'back arrow' at the top of your browser screen.  This information is very important to consider before deciding to drink this blend of herbs.



This page will help you learn about this tea formula, called the 'Burdock Blend' at Apple Tree, [which is believed to have cancer-treating properties] and the amazing story of Rene' Caisse, a caring, courageous Registered Nurse from Bracebridge, Ontario, who took up the cause for nearly 60 years, of treating people with varying degrees of CANCER - at no charge -and fought the court system when needed, so as to continue her fine work of making survivors of so many who were otherwise doomed from this most horrific disease! The TEA has continued to be used for years with an abundance of positive cancer-curing testimonials found on the Internet, and amongst many of your friends, family and neighbors.


   A booklet with the life story of Rene' Caisse, is sent with each new order.  She was the Canadian Registered Nurse who 'documented' her treatment of Cancer patients from the 1920's til her death in the late 70's.  and was dedicated to saving lives with this special blend of herbs, believed to have cancer-treating properties.  She'd obtained the recipe from a patient where she worked as a Nurse, who had claimed, she'd been cured of breast cancer with an herbal tea blend recipe, given to her by an Ojibwa Native in Northern Ontario years earlier. 

  As Rene' came to treat her family & patients with this blend, she named it

'Ess--c'  ['CAISSE' spelled backwards]. 




Apple Trees precisely mixed     'Burdock Blend'  Tea

is as the original 4-herb combination Rene' used, based on the Ojibwa Native recipe she obtained (as attested to in an affidavit by long time close friend and fellow worker Mary McPherson), containing All Certified Organic   [see Affidavit by clicking here]

Burdock root c/s = 6 ½ cups= (680g: 1 1/2 lb). Slippery Elm inner bark powder, (454g; 1 lb). Sheep Sorrel herb Powder (114g; 1/4 lb) (not roots). Turkish * Rhubarb root powder (28g; 1 oz. or about 1/16th of a lb).

Making this much Essiac at one time will give you 22:  2 oz (57g) batches.  Each 2 oz (57g) of the herb blend, is to be added to 10 cups of distilled water.  See Preparation sheet for more details about preparing the blended herbs for a drinkable tea.

*According to Mary Mcpherson, Rene's long time friend, Rene Caisse switched over to using the 'Turkey' Rhubarb root in later years, claiming it is less bitter & more palatable. Supporters of the Turkey variety also draw on its rich history of Chinese medicinal uses over the centuries. It is widely regarded as the most potent variety of rhubarb root, known in China as Dahuang. One advantage of using the Turkey (also known as the Chinese) rhubarb is that the Chinese use six year old roots for maximum potency. Such old plants are hard to come by in North America.


 The 'Burdock Blend' is sold by the pound or 1/2 lb, (economically feasible) and also can be purchased in 2 oz. (57g) packages, enough to make approximately a 2 week batch of the Tea 'concoction, (for 1 person = just under 2 quarts.)  (As one increases their daily dosage, this size batch won't last for 2 weeks).  It's far less costly to buy a 1/2 lb (228g) or 1 lb (454g)., and measure out yourself each 2 oz (57g) batch to make.  (A bit more is added to each order to be sure you don't run short of the 57g batches.)

  The 'decoction' lasts in the frig. for up to 14-16 days, but if you're new to taking the Burdock Blend, it's best to start out with a lesser amount (1-2 oz. per day) than the normal daily dose (see pdf  below re 'Information to Read for New Users') - as your body requires an adjustment time to these 'very' powerful herbs, so it's intake should be done slowly, just as you should slowly wean yourself off the tea when discontinuing it.   Also included in pdf are: 'Who Should NOT take this Tea', 'Possible but not common Side Effects' ;  'Rene Caisse's Tea -  NOT JUST for Cancer', + 'Directions for making this blend'; as well as the 'Rene Caisse Life Story'.  Print outs of these documents will be provided to each new customer who orders the 'Burdock Blend' from Apple Tree, along with a copy of the book with Rene Caisse's life story.

For new users a 2 oz. batch (about 2 quarts) can be too much for 1 person to consume in 2 weeks, so you may wish to simply freeze some of it until you're ready to drink it.  That way you don't throw any out, as it will become moldy in the frig. after about 2 + weeks.    

Cost of each 2 oz. (57g) package is under $10.00 ea. which equals a 'batch' that's added to 10 cups (2,273 ml) of 'Distilled' or 'Spring' water.  Once boiled and steeped for the appropriate time, you'll end up with a little less than 2 quarts of the tea to drink.  Important to note that each amount of the tea you plan to drink MUST be diluted with equal parts of the same type of water you made it with,1:1. 

It's by far, more economical to buy 1/2 lb or 1 lb (blended) & portion it yourself into 57g or (2oz) amounts for each batch you wish to make. A pound (454g) makes 8 batches, and a 1/2 lb.(228g) makes 4 batches.  If you don't have a weigh scale, a 57g batch is equal to a level  '1/2 cup (dry measure) minus 1  heaping tablespoon full'.  This will equal very close to 2 oz. (57g) of the blend.


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This decoction should NOT be heated in the Microwave!

However, since you must dilute your tea with an equal amount of distilled or spring water, before consumption, 1:1; you can heat the water alone in the microwave, then mix it with the Tea decoction to warm it up, if you wish it to be warm. It has very little taste ans can be taken at room temperature or at frig. temperature.

The TEAs SUGGESTED DOSAGES (once you've been weaned on to it.)
For aggressive dosing in cases of cancer, suspected cancer, tumors, lupus, severe arthritis, and any other serious disease: Drink 3 or 4 ounce doses, 3 times a day for a minimum of 6 months. Burdock Blend tea will not interfere with traditional cancer treatments, but cancer treatments may interfere with your Burdock Blend, so it's recommended that you double your dose to 6 ounces, 3 times per day if you are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy. (see document 'Rene Caisses Tea - not just for Cancer'.

For general health maintenance, or as a preventative, on average, 1-3 ounces per day could be ingested and this can be done indefinitely. Larger people or people suffering from minor medical conditions could take up to 2-5 ounces per day and smaller people could do 1-3 ounces per day. See further suggestions in the document below:  'Rene Caisses Tea - not Just for Cancer' pg. 2.



IMPORTANT INFORMATIOto read, if you're considering taking The Burdock Blend  (a replica of Rene Caisse's (Ojibwa recipe) Tea.

 There are 5 documents to read, and well worth taking in the knowledge, before deciding to take this, to see if it's right for you.  There are do's and don't to consider, etc. and a copy of each print out will accompany your first order of this tea.  The the life story of Rene' Caisse booklet shown on the Home page, will be sent with your first order also.  Please consider the information here, before concluding to start using this blend of herbs, more commonly known as CAISSE spelled backwards. E s s _ _ c  (name is copyright) which I'm not allowed to use.

From my own experience of taking the BURDOCK BLEND, available at Apple Tree, as well as information I've gleaned from numerous Internet write-ups, I've written some warnings & general comments pertaining to someone who is new to drinking the tea, to hopefully help them to not 'jump in with both feet' as the saying goes, when first drinking it. Don't underestimate the POWER of these 4 HERBS!  We need to respect their capabilities & our own bodies' ability to tolerate that power, by weaning ourselves onto the TEA, anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.  Each individual, being so different from another, simply has to work it out for themselves, but I've made a few suggestions to perhaps help some, to not to have to undergo the massive headaches, or other symptoms I & others have encountered when first drinking this TEA.

Some people think that herbal tea is good, simply because it's a 'natural' product. Herbs are powerful and can be dangerous. Every herbal tea should be weighed against possible complications, side effects, etc., before taking them on a daily basis. Do your research!  Many people know that a great many modern day medications originated from herbs - even aspirin was originally discovered from the willow tree. The herbs in herbal teas should be known and checked against any medication, whether by prescription or over-the-counter, for compatibility and/or side effects. Sometimes taking herbal tea indiscriminately can cause unwanted or unnecessary conditions, illnesses, or even death.  Always consult medical advise before using herbs in any form.


Once you've educated yourself somewhat, consider coming back to this section and click the 4 provided, short Video Clip links, in most cases with Rene' Caisse herself (in her later years) telling many of her experiences in person.  What a great lady & caring person she was, and how fortunate we are, in this century, to still benefit from this potential Cancer fighter, & the many 'additional health benefits' derived from her original formula of Rene 'Caisse's' Tea, (Caisse spelled backwards Ess - -c  is the commonly known name of this tea.  However, due to trademark infringement, I'm forbidden to use this name spelled out.).

This amazing Tea blend, is still used today worldwide, & is available at Apple Tree Bulk Herbs, where it's called the 'Burdock Blend' (due to copyright).  It's a replica of the original recipe Rene' Caisse used in later years, as is stated in an affidavit by her long-time close friend and helper, Mary McPherson, (See link above).

Enjoy the information found in these interesting documentation videos:   Video 1 of 4     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMsm2AV3Vag    Video 2 of 4     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDnh2aYzuG0    Video 3 of 4     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D53_lkNXTjo       Video 4 of 4     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_k_nW-b-XmQ 



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