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Our herbs are GMO free and 'non-irradiated'  when Imported from USA to Canada.  We sell Certified Organic (CO)  or  Wild Crafted (wc) herbs,  -- (wc: meaning grown & harvested without chemicals);  purchased as Whole, or Cut & Sifted (C/S) generally used to make tea, tinctures, etc., OR in Powder form, to make capsules or tea.  I personally Import the herbs from US suppliers through Commercial Canadian Customs - thus avoiding Xrays of the herbs at the border.

...Being home-operated, inventory storage is quite limited, thus I can't accommodate over 2 lbs per product.  If wanting more, get in touch, to make arrangements.  We'll order extra, if 'paid in advance.'   This may take 2+ weeks.     

Keep in mind, if shipping seems high, 2.50 is Handling, plus you're 'also' not  paying up to 13% tax on your order, -- we're picking up that expense.

 Prices  are  subject  to  change  without  notice.  Thank you for considering Apple Tree Bulk Herbs.  Hours and phone # are shown at bottom of each page.  

Your business is appreciated.  Lori Scott

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  • Apple Tree sells Bulk Medicinal Herbs in Canada